Not even 24 hours out of jail, Ghost must reckon with a few enemies in his past both professional and personal. In Power episode 406 appropriately titled "New Man," Ghost tries his best to get back to the business of getting his club up and running, but must first tend to his old adversary Simon Stern, and his longtime enemy who's miraculously back from the dead, Kanan.

While Ghost is trying to take care of loose ends, Tommy's trip to Chicago proves suspicious. His superior Jason Mitchage offers him a job promotion, but not without a warning to get rid of Ghost entirely and back in New York Dre forces his own lethal "upward mobility" by eliminating the competition.

Check out the 14 best lines from Power episode 406 "New Man."

1. "I was thinking that we can start over. You know, put the past in the past.” Ghost

Ghost wakes up in the penthouse after having a nightmare about killing Marshall. As he looks over, he notices Tasha didn't sleep in the bed with him. Showered and ready for the day's business, Ghost meets Tasha in the kitchen and asks if they can reconcile their relationship. While Ghost maintains it's over with Angela, Tasha's hurt caused by Ghost's affair is not.

2. "Diversity is all the rage these days." Simon Stern

Seconds after having the chains removed and turning on the lights inside Club Truth, Ghost's old adversary Simon Stern walks in. Stern tells Ghost he loaned Tasha money while he was in prison but he'll forgive the loan if Ghost is willing to be the CEO and face of his new real estate investment. Ghost is less than eager to get back in bed with Stern but realizes he may not have a choice.

3. "Don’t f*ck this up.” Jukebox

Seeing Stern walk inside Truth, Kanan decides to hold off on kidnapping and killing Ghost. Jukebox, who's holding Tariq captive in Queens, calls Kanan demanding an update on the plan. Sensing K may be deviating, she warns him to not screw this up or she'll put a bullet in Riq's head for fun.

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4. "Tasha, I want out. For real!" LaKeisha

Now that Ghost is home, LaKeisha meets up with Tasha to figure out what Ghost's freedom means in regards to her and her weave shop. Tasha is trying to keep it light and kee-kee the conversation away, but LaKeisha isn't playing along. She made it very clear she didn't want anything to do with their drug business to begin with, and definitely doesn't want it to go any further now.

5. "I need him off the table entirely." Jason Mitchage

Upon arriving in Chicago, Tommy meets his superior Jason Mitchage who tells him he wants Tommy to be the distributor for both coasts; a job promotion Tommy wasn't expecting. However in order to do so, Jason demands Tommy kill Ghost.

6. "Trust me, I'm loyal." Dre

Julio confronts Dre about his meeting with Kanan but Dre bypasses the potentially dangerous moment by lying and telling Julio he simply denied Kanan's request for readmission into the game. Dre tries to convince Julio he’s a loyal dude and proves it by setting up a meeting--unbeknownst to Julio--with his former gang, the Toros Locos.

7. "I was better than good. I was great." Jukebox

Tariq grows anxious while waiting with Jukebox and continues to question Calvin’s whereabouts. After she gives him some more lean, Riq asks Jukebox how she got the nickname and she tells him it was because she used to know all the songs on the radio. As Tariq drifts into sleep, he asks if she was any good and Jukebox doesn't play fake humble.

8. "I don't know how to trust you, Tasha." Ghost

Ghost comes home from Truth after learning Tasha accepted money from Stern and is furious. Tasha says she had no choice since the feds froze their assets and made an executive decision to take care of the kids. After the two calm down Ghost comes to the realization he doesn't trust Tasha. Oddly enough, Tasha doesn't trust him and that's about the only thing these two can agree on.

9. "Julio's life is up for grabs." Dre

Dre takes a meeting with the Toros Locos to finally rid himself of Julio in order to move up in the ranks as distro. Thirsty for revenge, a Toros Locos said Ghost bought Julio's freedom. Dre however notes since Ghost is out of the game, Julio's debt needs to be paid.

10. “Rules of the street, little man. Blood in. Blood out.” Toros Loco 

Julio falls for Dre's trap to meet up and is surrounded by three members of the Toros Locos. Not going out without a fight, Julio kills one and before beating another one to death has his achilles heel sliced, which hinders his ability to continue to put up a fight.

11. "Yo, you lucky I’m cramped from being in that motherf**king trunk.” Tommy

Tommy tried to leave Chicago early but Mitchage insisted he stay. At a celebration, Mitchage gets Tommy liquored up and then knocks him out and stuffs him inside a trunk. When Tommy wakes up, he's taken to a wooded area where he sees an open grave. Jason is prepared to kill Tommy after Petrov alleges Tommy killed Milan on his own without receiving proper orders. Mitchage's girlfriend Tatiana whispers in Jason's ear Petrov lying, sparing Tommy's life.

12. "Couldn't get rid of me that easy, motherf**ker." Kanan

While Ghost is walking to his car Kanan finally corners him. Ghost doesn't have much time to take in the fact that Kanan, who he thought was dead, is alive and well. Kanan tells Ghost he has 'Riq and if he wants to see his son alive he needs to do what he's told forcing Ghost to get his hands dirty once again.

13. "What's a den?" Tommy

Seconds before Tommy thought Mitchage would kill him, he closed his eyes and saw Holly's face. On his drive back, Tommy notices he's not far away from Cleveland where Holly lived and makes a stop. He goes to a home being sold and viewers soon learn the realtor was Holly's uncle who used to sexually abuse her when she was 9-years-old. Still missing Holly (and as almost a tribute to Holly) Tommy beats her sexually abusive uncle to death with a baseball bat.

14. "See you around lil n***a." Kanan

After robbing Tommy’s stash spot to get the money needed to save Tariq, Kanan agrees to work with Ghost to free his son, but it doesn’t take long for Jukebox to realize the change in plans. Jukebox makes Kanan reveal his real name, confess to the game he was running on Tariq and admit he killed his own son, Shawn. Surprisingly Kanan who has grown fond of Tariq, kills Jukebox when he notices her making a move and instead of killing Ghost and 'Riq,  takes the money and runs.

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