Nearly two months ago, Princess Nokia spoke at Brown University about spirituality, and nearly a month later, all of social media began spreading her infectious vibes—at least 40,000 times. On Tuesday (July 11), the Afro-Nuyorican took to her Instagram account to thank everyone for the “positive affirmations and messages” sent her way following the viral clip.

The 25-year-old recording artist also took the time to open up about her journey to the level of spirituality that she has reached thus far.

“When I began my spiritual journey almost 6 years ago at 19 years old, I had much to learn about the mysteries of life, indigo phenomenon, clairvoyance, magic, the reclamation of afro diaspora, conscious evolution and vibrational oneness,” the Metallic Butterfly artist began. “It has been a wonderful, eye opening last few years of studying and co existing within the sacred realm of light. It has been a both painful and rewarding path that has tested my discipline, commitment, and health. It has tested my emotional, psychological, and spiritual well being. It wasn’t always rainbows and sage bundles.”

Before thanking the world “for acknowledging [her] intellect and beliefs that are deep rooted in so much love and positivity,” Nokia continued to note that the journey has been all worth it.

Since her fans and the rest of the world were so drawn to her spiritual wealth, sending positivity and affirmations her way thereafter, she decided to reciprocate. The “G.O.A.T.” rapper-singer announced that she will be utilizing her Smart Girl Club platform for “spiritual wellness, divine healing, educational magic and Afro indigenous identity.”

Big ups to Destiny Frasqueri for spreading the majestic Afro-Latinx spirituality vibes, because there really is enough to go around. Scroll through some of the Smart Girl Club's posts below to catch the vibes, education and positivity.