In the wake of the horrific terror attacks in Spain this week, it has been revealed that things could have been much worse for the people of Barcelona and Cambrils as explosives were found in a house in Alcanar.

CNN reports that hours prior to the van attacks that killed 14 people across Spain, a house in Alcanar (which is south of Barcelona) was destroyed in a blast due to some explosives that were left behind. Police officials stated the culprits planned on causing “greater devastation”, but were thwarted because the explosive detonated prematurely.

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Catalan police chief Jose Lluis Trapero told members of the media that local authorities "are working on the hypothesis that these attacks were being prepared in that house."

"They were trying to make explosives out of butane gas among other things," he said the media. Trapero reportedly believes that the explosion was caused by an "accident" inside the house.

An unnamed Spanish national was killed in the explosion with another person inside the house is seriously injured. Six other civilians suffered injuries from the explosion as well.

Because of the surprise detonation, it was revealed that could have been a more sinister plot by the unknown perpetrators to cause more terroristic acts in Cambrils, Barcelona, and possibly many other locations while authorities were completely unaware.

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Sadly, even though more lives were saved, the perpetrators still carried out the frightening vehicle attacks in the two cities.

So far, four people between the ages of 21 and 34 have been arrested in both Alcanar and Ripoli. One of them was Spanish while three of the captured suspects were citizens of Morocco. The ISIS media wing, Amaq recently claimed that the attackers were "soldiers of the Islamic State," but did not overtly claim responsibility for it.

In Barcelona, 13 people were killed, 17 were critically injured, and 120 civilians were harmed as a result of the van attack. In Cambrils, five attackers in an Audi A3 killed one woman, injured six, and critically injured seven more people. The five men were all killed in a shootout with police.