Andrew Macias became the face of endless adorable memes and status updates when a video of him went viral on KTLA after a reporter asked, “Are you going to miss your mom?” for a back-to-school news segment.

Two years ago, he answered the innocuous question as he was getting ready to enter pre-kindergarten. He quietly said no but then dissolved into a fit of tears. Now, he’s a student at City Terrance Elementary School in East Los Angeles.

The 6-year old’s heartwarming reaction caught the attention of many and even landed him an eBay commercial. His mother, Patricia Macias, says the little one’s fame surprised her, and now he's recognized everywhere. Subsequently, people always ask to take pictures with him.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, just an interview, nothing is going to happen. And then suddenly, an hour, two hours after – ‘Oh, he’s famous now. He went viral,’” she said.

When KTLA caught up with him again, he sweetly said he will still miss his mom when going to school.