I grew up hearing stories like these, about Caribbean men who take their sons into seedy hostels at 13, 14, 15-years old to partake in sexual acts with a woman. Sometimes, it was to ensure said boy didn't "turn" gay. Other times, it was to engage in some sort of twisted rite of initiation into "manhood."

The Hood, USA ain't no different in the context of toxic masculinity, and whether or not Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz was kidding about gifting his son a prostitute who would provide him with oral pleasure for turning 14 is beside the point. We're talking about child abuse, child molestation, and to think otherwise is perpetuating the ever-failing age-old concept that boys and men do not experience sexual assault.

“Happy G-Day. Love you son with all my heart.” Boosie originally captioned. “See you tomorrow. I got a bag of money for you and a bad b***h to give you some head.”

He later retracted his statement, calling it farce. "Really I was just clowning on Instagram," he said in the video clip below. "I ain't gon' go get him no head, you know, I'm ain't gon' bring him nobody to give him no head."

Adding: "But if he wanna get head from a girl, he 14-years old. I'm cool with it. F**king is popular at 14, 15-years old. That's when they be in heat… From what I know he done got head before, so."

That's when they be in heat? In heat is meant to describe a female ready to have sex and become pregnant. Never mind that girls hit menstruation for the first time at various points in their lives (some as young as nine, others as old as 16), but who's to say anyone is actually, physically, mentally, emotionally ready?

Question: would Boosie have said the same to his 13-going-on-14-year old if she were a girl? I'll wait.