Whitney Houston arguably had one of the best voices music has ever heard, and probably one of the best voices music will ever hear. Houston's 1991 performance of the National Anthem is still lauded as one of the best. When the seven-time Grammy award winning artist passed on Feb. 11, 2012, the music industry and fans took it hard. Brandy was especially devastated, as she and Houston shared a close bond, and Houston passed on Brandy's 33rd birthday.

So today (Aug. 9), on what would've been the singer's 53rd birthday, Brandy took to social media to profess her love and respect for Nippy, and for "trusting her with the torch."


Monica also paid her respects to Whitney Houston via an Instagram post.

Now, somewhere along the way, the feud between Brandy and Monica (that was allegedly squashed when they both took home a Grammy for their '90s classic "The Boy Is Mine") was reborn via perceived pettiness a few months back on social media. Cool heads prevailed, and everyone moved on.

Or so we thought.

When Monica also showed love to Ms. Houston, Brandy wanted to make sure people knew she wasn't concerned with "oh girl" and whatever she posted.

The Internet quickly offered its two cents about Brandy's behavior and offered a mix bag of opinions.

So what say you: Is Brandy justified in her feelings, or is she doing the most? Sound off in the comments below.