DMX recently plead not guilty to allegations he owed $1.7 million in unpaid income taxes. However, it looks like the joy could be short-lived, as Manhattan Federal Judge Jed Rakoff revealed that the "Slippin'" MC may have more trouble ahead.

"The court has received a report from pretrial services indicating that the defendant may have violated the terms of his pretrial release in numerous respects," said the judge. DMX's lawyer, Murray Richman, says the issue mainly stems from a recent trip out of town to visit members of his family.

"He went to St. Louis without getting permission from the pretrial services officer," said Richman. "It was for a personal situation with regard to the lady he's living with. There are other reasons, we don't know what they are."

According to the New York Daily News, the 46-year-old rapper "must undergo drug testing and/or treatment 'as directed by (pretrial services)' — which supervises him while his case is pending — and he can't have a gun. And while [DMX]'s travel is generally limited to the New York City area, a judge later agreed that he can travel for work — if pretrial services signs off on it, court proceedings revealed."

Federal Judge Rakoff will now be presiding over the case, and a pretrial bail hearing will occur on Friday, Aug. 11.

"The defendant as well as his counsel and government counsel must appear," said the order.