George Foreman is singing a new tune this Friday morning (Aug. 25). Just 24 hours ago, the boxing legend allegedly found flaws within Colin Kaepernick's decision to protest racial injustice. Now, the 68-year-old sees Kaep's perspective through a new lens.

"When you're young, you got to have an opinion," Foreman said to TMZ. "What's the use of being young if you can't protest?" During a previous interview with "Offended America" podcast, Foreman didn't hold back while analyzing the former San Francisco 49er's actions.

“We didn’t realize that just because you become a champion doesn’t mean you become Muhammad Ali, so a lot of us started doing things to get some attention so people would praise us, or hate us, or talk about us like they did Muhammad Ali," he said. "Some of us never got it. Now the ’60s started the trend. Today, there’s nothing to say about anyone. A lot of guys say, ‘I’ve got all this money but nobody knows me, so let me say something like Muhammad Ali and maybe I’ll be different,’ and that’s all that is. I don’t pay much attention to what kids do.”

In the present day, Foreman sang Kaepernick's praises and wondered why an NFL team has yet to add him to its roster. "This guy's a great football player. I can't see why he doesn't have a job. He's that good," Foreman said. "Any team is going to be better if they put him on their team."

View his new statement below.