There's no denying the wonders that unfold when you hear a familiar or new tune on one of your favorite television shows. That's the case for Issa Rae's impactful creation, Insecure, which boasts the perfect soundtrack each episode.

To keep up with that statement, R&B singers Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller joined forces to release a new collaboration titled "Insecure." The instrumental seemingly boasts a sample from Pleasure P's "Rock Bottom" (who also has a song titled "Insecure") while we listen to Sullivan and Tiller question each other's unassertiveness. "Why you gotta be so insecure?/ When I did all I could do, but you be wanting more/ And why you can't get above my back/ And I can take a lot sh*t, but I won't take that," Sullivan croons.

In an interview with the show's music supervisor Kier Lehman, he discussed the important role music from today's game-changing artists play in the show's progression.

"It's really important to Issa and [director Melina Matsoukas] that the show sounds really fresh and feels very current," Lehman said to Entertainment Weekly. "The stories and the setting of the show are current day, so we use the music to help set that scene. This is the music that's playing right now, this the music that you hear on the radio, this is the music that's coming out that you're streaming online right now or you will be in the next month or two."

Vibe out below and check out the show's soundtrack on Spotify.