Kim Kardashian is the reason for a collective Internet eye roll this Tuesday morning (Aug. 15), after standing by the side of makeup artist Jeffree Star despite his publicized history of racial remarks.

Kardashian was up late on Snapchat, swatching shades from KKW Beauty, her latest makeup line. Star, a makeup mogul in his own right, commented on the "struggle swatches" from Kim's line that "look like chalk," much to the chagrin of her fan base.

— Jeffree Star (@JeffreeStar) August 14, 2017

They began to berate Starr online for not only picking on Kim, but also for the racist comments he's made in the past—to which Kardashian recorded a video telling them to stop.

“I get that it’s a serious deal if you say, like, racial things, but I do believe in people changing and people that apologize, I will give them the benefit of the doubt,” she said to the camera while getting her makeup done. “I know better than anyone that I hate when people bring up my past or mistakes that I’ve made in the past, so like, let him live. I welcome honest comments about my products, and because of it, I’m swatching better now.

"Let's not be so negative, she continued. "Love you, Jeffree...I do not defend people who are racist, and I'm very against it. If someone claims that they've changed, I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt...Enough, just don't bring it up anymore."

As you could probably guess, the Internet was not having it. Many said that since Star's past comments do not directly affect her as a white woman, for her to tell people of color to stop berating him for his comments is tone-deaf. They were also bothered by the fact that even though Kardashian has a black husband and black children, she still overlooks racism when she can.

This would not be the first time Jeffree Star's murky remarks have been brought up this year. Nigerian makeup guru Jackie Aina called Star out for his comments regarding black women, to which Star called her an "irrelevant rat." The comments in question were believed to have been said by Star on old videos in which he repeatedly used the N-word in its derogatory form.