It’s no secret that actress Laverne Cox loves her some Beyonce, but it turns out that Bey loves her right back. During a brief interview with Access Hollywood on Tuesday (Aug. 22), the Orange is the New Black actress revealed that she has been collaborating with the mega star on a top secret project.

As we all know, Beyonce kind of operates like the FBI, so Cox wasn’t able to spill too much, but she did say that whatever the surprise, it was going to be incredible! "I have no idea [how this came about] to be perfectly honest," she said. "I'm like, does she pick out her biggest fans ever and work with her? It's pretty amazing.”

The two reportedly met at the 2017 Grammys in Feb. “A sense of calm comes over you when you meet the queen,” she said of their initial interaction.

Hopefully we’ll get more details about this project soon. In the meantime, check out Laverne’s comments on the subject in the video above.