Hip-Hop heads are definitely here for some new MF Doom music. After unveiling the Sean Price-featured "Negus" last week, this week the masked rapper delivered the Jay Electronica-assisted "True Lightyears"  from his 15-song Adult Swim project Missing Book of Rhymes.

Over soft violins and a cheery-sounding whistle, the clever MCs deliver rewind-worthy rhymes that makes one long for more of that '90s era MCing.

"I came out the Magnolia like the beetle/The genie of the incense smoke/From the church steeple, mixed with the prayers of the people/Pollination Subhana wa Ta'ala Nation/Global recalibration/Roc Nation causing shock waves in the basement/Seven thousand kilohertz/With every verse I heal the earth/With every line I drop the tears of man into a cloud/In a fine mist until it bursts and rain from the brain," raps Jay.

For a minute now, there has been talks of a new KMD album, which was Doom's name before the name change. This song was actually teased last year, but we're just now getting the original version, and it was mos def worth the wait.

Stream "True Lightyears" below.