Hurricane Harvey continues to claim the lives and the possessions of Houston residents. And as the number of deaths steadily rises, Houston rapper Doughbeezy alerted fans that the late Pimp C’s son, Lil Chad, is stranded in his grandmother’s home with his wife and an elderly neighbor.

The Instagram post was originally shared by Bun B’s wife, Angela Walls, although it has now been deleted off of her page. “Lil Chad aka Chaddy Boo is still stuck in his grandma house in 6ft of water. His phone died. He, his wife, and a 79-year-old neighbor,” the original post stated. Underneath the screenshot, which Doughbeezy reposted, the rapper also revealed that all of the musical archives belonging to hip-hop group UGK (made up of Bun B and Pimp C), were destroyed in the flood. “All archives of UGK that was left is now gone. Lil Chad is still stuck in his grandmother’s house with 6ft of water. If you have a boat or can get to them, PLEASE go help them,” he wrote on Instagram.

UGK, which was made up of members, Bun B and Pimp C, originally formed in the late 80s.Together, the duo released a number of top charting albums, including Underground Kingz and UGK 4 Life. Although losing a portion of the group’s archives is undoubtedly a great loss for the culture, what’s more important is the safety of Lil Chad and the other residents in that home.

In an effort to help his hometown, Bun B announced a telethon event to benefit survivors. A number of his famous friends will also be in attendance. The Telethon will reportedly take place on Sept. 12.