When Power  fans first met Terry Silver, they didn’t quite know what to make of him. The skilled but arrogant lawyer was called on by Proctor to act as the second chair to aid in Ghost’s defense, but viewers soon realized the Yale Law school graduate not only didn’t respect Ghost, but believed he was guilty of his crime and stupid enough to get caught. Silver made it clear he was just in it for the W and the money.

While the trial may be over and Ghost is now a free man trying his best to pick up where he left off with Club Truth and his family, Silver is hovering and keeping a close eye on his client to make sure no new charges are thrown at him. Silver is also keeping a closer eye on Mrs. St. Patrick.

Played by Tony and Grammy award nominated singer and actor Brandon Victor Dixon who also stars as Aaron Burr in the broadway musical hit, Hamilton, VIBE chatted with the Power rookie about his role on the Starz scripted drama and asked him a few questions about his character like why is always smiling when ain’t sh*t funny? Is he working with Simon Stern? Oh, and yeah, that sex scene with Naturi Naughton no one saw coming.

Brandon Victor Dixon ladies and gentlemen.

VIBE: How are you today? How’s your heart?
Brandon Victor Dixon: My heart is very very well thank you very much. How is yours?

Mine is okay. Our readers have been very vocal about your role on Power as Terry Silver.
Oh really? What they trying to say? [LAUGHS]

On the hand you have some who say ‘Man, he helped get Ghost off,’ while on the other hand you have some who say ‘I don’t know. He seems a little sneaky.' So tell us about how you landed the role.
I recently joined Hamilton, and actually the show's creator Courtney A. Kemp saw the show one Saturday night, and I got a call that Monday morning and we had a meeting on Tuesday and then she told me about the character. In the meeting I told her like 'Look, I know what you're about to talk about and I've been watching this show since BEFORE!' [LAUGHS] So she started talking conceptually about why she did the show and what she was doing and then she told me about this character of Terry Silver. That's really how I got introduced to him and Courtney's mindset about it. That's how I came to the other side of the world of Power.

Terry Silver is always smiling, but ain't sh*t funny. I noticed it specifically in one scene when Judge Tapper threw Proctor off the case. Is that mostly Brandon Victor Dixon coming through or is that Terry Silver the character?
As with any character it's a blend of both. I think that certainly suits the nature of how Terry Silver approaches his work and it is not at all alien from myself or individuals in my life whom are similar to Mr. Silver.

I like Terry Silver. I think he's like 'Yo, run me my money. I'm about my business. I don't think you're innocent but just run me my money.'
Yeah. He's a practical individual.

What was it about his character that you were able to relate to?
Courtney laid out a foundation of who she visualized this individual to be. Terry is a college grad, a Morehouse grad, a Yale Law school grad and as he was described to me and as I began to discover him, he possesses the qualities of a black man who understands the ways of the world and is trying to make his way in the world. That's really how I look at Terry and that's how I approached him. He's a man that ultimately believes in his ability and in his intellect at the end of the day.

The chemistry between Terry and Tasha hits the fan this week. Why don't you tell me about that scene.
Terry is the kind of cat to take a step back, but he feels himself--because of the size of the case and the nature of the people involved--getting drawn in and I think he finds himself getting more connected and attached to the elements and the individuals involved in this case then he really foresaw. I think what we've seen in the last episode is he spends more time with Proctor, LaKeisha and Tasha. He begins to dig further into this life and inevitably he becomes attached and closer to the people affected by it. The reason Terry takes on cases like this is because he cares. He's an individual who cares about justice and truth and order. So when he finds individuals who are in a situation like this there's a lot of collateral damage. That's part of the standpoint from which he approaches goals. Like 'I'm here to protect you but I need you to be real about your circumstances.'

That was a great response, Mr. Dixon, but maybe I should be more specific. I was talking about the sex scene between Terry Silver and Tasha that fans are going to see.
Fortunately, Naturi and I have known each other for years now. I knew Naturi back when she was doing Hair Spray and I was in The Color Purple here in New York, so we go back and there's a level of comfort and familiarity there. But I will say the [Power writers] really do play a great deal of attention to these scenes for the integrity of the performance but also for the storytelling. One of the keys here that I think is that there is a difference between some of the sex scenes that you see in the show. The scenes between Ghost and Angela are very complicated, while some of the scenes veer to the more superficial like say Julio for instance, but what you will see is there's a real connection that has formed between Silver and Tasha. I think a lot of that is born from my initial unsatisfactory answer [LAUGHS] which is, as Silver gets deeper into the case, he will be affected by primarily Tasha, and there's a desire to care and protect that factors into the connection between them, which is why the scene plays out differently than a lot of the different sex scenes you see.

This is my own personal belief and I have no proof, but I think Terry Silver and Simon Stern are working together because both characters used the word floater. Can you confirm?
I thought you liked Terry Silver. That's an astute observation and I'm going to have to return to the archives to verify for myself. [LAUGHS]

Are you still with Hamilton? Are you still Mr. Aaron Burr?
I am. My final show is August 13th.

Are you sad?
No. I'm ready.

When you're not suiting up to be Aaron Burr or Terry Silver, who are you? Who is Mr. Brandon Victor Dixon?
You know, I'm trying to figure that out. When you started with your question about my heart... I've come through a very large transition in my life over the last couple years and I'm really trying to figure out who I am today, what I want now versus what I wanted before and really try and create the vision for the life I want for myself now. My priorities have shifted a great deal as they do when you grow, so I'm trying to figure that out. But he's an open-hearted individual with a lot of love and grace to share so I'm trying to make sure everything I do works towards fostering those feelings and fostering connections with the people around me, you know?

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of Starz