It's been nearly 16 years since The Proud Family premiered on The Disney Channel. But even so, Penny Proud, her family, and crew of friends are still ingrained in our memories like it was yesterday. And the show's beloved theme song, which was written and performed by Solange and Destiny's Child, also has a special place in our hearts. The original series ended in 2005, but luckily, Solange took fans down memory lane with a live rendition of the theme song during her set at Roots Picnic this past Saturday (Aug. 5).

In a fan video shared on Instagram, Solange began signing the theme song as the crowded roared for more. "You and me will always be tight, family every single day and night," she sang. The "Cranes in the Sky" artist sang a couple more notes before encouraging the audience to finish the verse.

Solange's performance is proof that good shows and theme songs never really die even after the show goes off air. Unfortunately, kids today will never know how magical The Disney Channel was back in the early 2000s and later, but The Proud Family still comes on reruns from time to time.

Check out Solange's performance here.