Quantasia Sharpton was reportedly strapped for cash just one week before holding a press conference accusing the R&B star of infecting her with herpes.

All signs point to a Facebook status the 21-year-old woman (who goes by "Angel Valentino" on the social media site) wrote about "needing money."

She posted this last Monday (Jul. 31). She also wrote a status early Monday morning (Aug. 7), hours before her press conference, that she will be "Enjoying [her] last couple of hours as a regular girl."

Facebook/ TMZ

According to TMZ, Sharpton uses an alias on social media because she says her name is "clearly ghetto and hard to pronounce."

During her press conference, she claimed that Usher invited her over after one of his concerts, and had sex with her without disclosing the fact that he had an STD. This was "just after" her 19th birthday.

"I feel like my rights were violated," she said during the conference. She is speaking out and joining the lawsuit in the hopes that Usher "does not do this to anyone else."