Azealia Banks' busy week came to a pleasant end when she patched up her issues with Nicki Minaj.

Posting their private conversation on Instagram early Friday (Sept. 29), the "Chi Chi" femcee admitted her wrongs in their subtle beef. It all began in 2012 when Banks was invited to Nicki's international leg of her Pink Friday tour. A few tweets by Nicki were interpreted as shots towards Banks, which were made around the time Banks' dropped out of the tour.  The two slightly exchanged words again in 2016 and Banks' took Remy Ma's side in the "Nicki vs. Remy" beef.

Recently, Nicki has been a more positive topic in Banks' debates about female rap, with the rapper defending the Queens native's legacy. In her Instagram DMs to the rapper, Banks praised Nicki's artistry and vowed to never speak negatively about her again.

"Now that I'm growing up I'm realizing a lot about what it means to be a strong woman and you showed me nothing but strength and perseverance from day one," she said. "Inside all of us, there's a little black girl that cries and the last thing I want to see is that little black girl cry."

"You're very talented and very smart. Focus on what really matters from now on," Nicki responded.

Here's to hoping this will spark a healthy conversation between Azealia and Cardi B next.