J.Cole doesn't really bother with social media. The Dreamville head honcho prefers to remain off the grid and under the radar. However, Donald Trump's comments about NFL owners who don't reprimand players peacefully protesting police brutality by taking a knee during the National Anthem has caused the 4 Your Eyez Only rapper to speak out.

Sunday afternoon (Sept. 24) Cole took to Twitter to first acknowledge the courage it takes for any NFL player to take a knee in support of Kaepernick and his protest. However, the 32-year-old also said the real power  is within fans who choose not to watch America's beloved sport.

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) September 24, 2017

— J. Cole (@JColeNC) September 24, 2017

While performing in Baltimore last month, Kaepernick and Cole meant backstage at his show right before Cole blasted the Ravens for not signing the former San Francisco quarterback. Now, after Trump's outlandish and divisive statements, Cole has presented a possible solution.

Cole then goes on to say that the longer  owners stay quiet about Kaepernick, it sends a message they're okay with what is taking place.

Cole insists hitting NFL sponsors and owners in their pockets will be the only way to get Kapernick back in the NFL and said not watching any football was hard at first, but then when thinking about those who participated in the bus boycott, not watching football pales in comparison.

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