There were plenty of surprise guests to touch Citi Field earlier this month when the Meadows Music and Arts Festival arrived in Queens, New York. The festival saw guests like Nicki Minaj, A Tribe Called Quest and Busta Rhymes, but the most pleasant surprise happened to be backstage.

Cool and calm, Reginald "Redman" Noble was waiting for his next call as he chilled on a golf cart near the Artist Village. Sporting shades to combat the sun and a radio buzzing about stage set ups, Redman seemed to be enjoying his gig as an Artist Transporter for the festival.

“I just like the experience,” he tells VIBE. “I played festivals like this and I like learning about the being behind the stage to the smallest detail.” The legendary rapper shares the opportunity to work the festival (transport acts from their trailers to the stage) was all thanks to a friend who works for Founders Entertainment, the company behind Governors Ball and Meadows Fest.

After appearing as a guest performer for Wu Tang Clan’s set at Gov Ball, the rapper stuck around to help drive around artists like Childish Gambino. “I can help on the stage with artists but the cart is where you get to see the most happen,” he adds.

Red says it was all about the experience as he got to take a break from performing and learn how to literally put on a show. He also didn’t expect any special treatment because of his status. “They offered to pay me too but I didn’t take any money from them,” he added.“They don’t treat me any different from any driver or anyone else and I don’t expect to get treated differently. I came to work.”

Before taking off to convene with other festival staff, the rapper shared some more perks about the gig. “This is therapeutic for me. Not being on stage and I’m just chillin,” he said. “Got my little cart and if I need to go dip and blow it down, I know where to drive to go do it.”

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