Sanaa Lathan is gearing up for a new movie role that requires an "up for anything" attitude when it comes to her hair. For her part in Netflix's forthcoming adaptation of Trisha R. Thomas' book Nappily Ever After, the longtime actress debuted a cleanly shaved head that's receiving praise from the masses.

"I feel like it's so light I could fly away," the Shots Fired actress said on Instagram. Her post has amassed nearly 900,000 views.

The film takes its cues from Thomas' 2001 novel that follows the life of Violet Jones, a successful businesswoman whose hair salon encounters a major incident that sets off a chain of self-reflective moments in Jones' life.

Per The Huffington Post, Larry Sims, the hairstylist for the film, encouraged excitement when he gave fans a tidbit of information. "It's going to be really good, and the message is really amazing," he said. "It's near and dear to my heart, and I know that women around the world will be able to relate to Violet, aka Sanaa Lathan for 'Nappily Ever After.'"

Here are some more photos of Lathan with her tresses.