On Wednesday evening (Oct 20), Genius and Spotify teamed up to bring New York an exclusive panel --- The Genius of Rap Caviar. Held at the Genius headquarters in Brooklyn, the discussion was hosted by one of hip-hop’s biggest movers and shakers, Rob Markman, who serves as the Genius' Head of Artist Relations, and Tuma Basa, Spotify's Global Head of hip-hop.

Guest artists 24HRs, G4shi, MadeinTYO and Trippie Redd --- an 18 year old from Ohio who already has people like Nicki Minaj playing his music also joined the Rap Caviar discussion -- which centered around the growth of streaming services and what it means for young artists.

G4shi told the crowd he went form living in a one bedroom apartment to buying his mother a house all because of the exposure and the revenue he gained from Spotify, after being placed on the Rap Caviar playlist. An interesting topic also came up about the ongoing Spotify vs. Soundcloud debate.

Tuma explained that when a fan listens to an artist on Spotify rather than Soundcloud they are supporting the financially because its "consumption," the plays equate to the dollars. G4shi was uncensored about his feelings, stating “we don’t care about Soundcloud” --- while Rob was quick to check him on the statement. He feels that platforms like SC are important because they help the larger services find the up-and-coming talent. He pointed out the fact that Jay Z couldn't get on Hot97 until he did the now legendary college radio show Stretch and Bobbito .

The panel was full of gems and the crowd was lingering on every word. Celebs Nick Cannon, NBA player victor Oladipo, and even rising Brooklyn street rapper Casanova were all in attendance. There was information for everyone --- including tidbits on Spotify’s interface on how to track the stats of listeners. We commend cultural influencers like Rob and Tuma for giving people knowledge on industry tools and platforms.

Photos by @TheOfficialRoyce