So, Donald Trump hosted a lunch meeting with a bevy of African leaders of the United Nations, during which he "straight up made up a country," as CNN's Anderson Cooper eloquently put it.

"Tonight we're traveling to a land far, far away. A place so special, it's almost like it doesn't even exist," Cooper quipped in the latest edition of "The Ridiculist." "Today, the president of the United States of America was at a meeting of African leaders of the United Nations when he straight up made up a country."

"I'm greatly honored to host this lunch," Trump opened. "To be joined by the leaders of Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Nambia…"

After hinting at Guinea and Nigeria's resilience for fighting a horrific ebola outbreak, 45 again mentioned Nambia and lavished praise on its health system, which "is increasingly self-sufficient."

One would presume the leader of the free world to be knowledgeable about its co-leaders and their respective countries, and, well, how to pronounce them. The country Trump is actually referring to is the southwestern African nation of Namibia, which he managed to enunciate incorrectly more than once.

The tiny nation of 2.5 million people, as CNN reported, is one of the world's biggest producers of uranium. It shares borders with Angola, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana.

Question: Where is this wealth of innate intelligence that Trump speaks of?