Ah, the coveted 21st birthday. The legal go-ahead to enter a club and approach the bar sans a big "X" written on the back of your hand. For some, memories of a 21st birthday well-spent are foggy (or downright blacked out), but no such rules apply for one of young Hollywood's "It" girls, Zendaya.

On Friday (Sept. 1), the singer, actress and model celebrated her milestone birthday without a beverage at hand and explained why on her website. "Just because I'm now the legal drinking age, doesn't mean I'm going to start throwing 'em back. I don't plan to start drinking," she wrote.

Zendaya chalked it up to really needing to focus at this point in her career and not even leaving a door open to spiral away from all the good things going for her.

"My life is too stressful to need help with relaxing by having a cocktail," she continued. "This industry is way too nuts for me to not be in control of myself and my decisions, so I just don't want to introduce drinking! Plus, I don’t want drinking to become a vice. Why try something if you don’t need it?!"

Parents far and wide are sure to be pleased about her choices, as she's likely a role model to their sons and daughters coming of age. Way to go, Zendaya.