While many people know 50 Cent to be the patron saint of all things petty, the Power executive producer and star seemed to outdo himself when he posted a Friday The 13th image on Instagram celebrating no longer having to pay child support for his oldest son Marquise.


We're not sure what caused Mr. Jackson to have a reflective moment, maybe it was Marquise's clever clap back, or he read the comments from fans and realized he hit below the belt. However later Wednesday evening (Oct. 11) Fif took to Instagram to explain the origins of his savage behavior.

"Excuse me if I seem a little insensitive at times," Fif captioned. "I'm different. I came up a little harder than these guys. I make no excuses. I never met my father and my mother got killed when I was 8." Mr. Jackson didn't let the post fly for too long before he deleted the caption and replaced it with something else. Yet despite his admission about his childhood, some commentators still didn't cut him any slack for his behavior.

"A lot of men grew up without a father, okay. Unfortunately you lost your mom, but theres NO excuse for not being there for your child. If anything, your past should make you into a more better father," Conita Denis commented.

"50 please," Kerry Ann McLean wrote. "Not growing up with your dad is no excuse."

What do you think? Are you more empathetic to 50 Cent because of his childhood, or is he too grown to be behaving so childish?