Jessica Robin Moore, better known in these comedy streets as Jess Hilarious has one job and that's to provide as many LOLs as possible, and frankly the B-More native does just that. Whether she's holding her own on Nick Cannon's Wild-N-Out or providing quit-witted commentary with her "Jess With The Mess" daily news updates, Ms. Moore does her job.

It should also be noted that Jess isn't one to be trifled with and if you dare attempt to (as the kids say) "come for her" she will, with the strength of her comedic ancestors, obliterate you to yesteryear. Don't believe us? Take a look at the back and forth that transpired when Azealia Banks attempted to offer career advice on while promoting her forthcoming film.

"You're trying hard to make it on the big screen with these daily audition tapes, huh?" Banks questioned." Buckle down and write a real script, it will get you further than the chitlin circuit. Go see Lovebeatsandrhymes on December 1st darling."

"Oh, you don't want it with me," Jess responded. "I'm not 'gon give you a pass!"

The Big Beat rapper called Jess a fan to which Jessica said not only does she not know any of her records, but suggested she call Mona Scott in hopes to appear on her famed reality television show Love and Hip-Hop. But Jessica didn't stop there.

After referring to Azealia Banks as Azealia "No Banks" Jess reminded her she isn't the one or the two for that matter.

A cursory search of Ms. Banks IG page and you'll see she's opted to not respond to Jessica, but after Jess' response do you think she will? Give your thoughts in the comments below.