Hot on the heels of the crossover success of "Despacito," Beyonce is poised to give Justin Bieber a run for his money with her appearance on the remix of J Balvin and Willy William's "Mi Gente."

In the song, Bey switches between Spanish and English to sing about a captivating rhythm that gets her dancing and celebrating with "her people." This is by no means Bey's first foray into the foreign language through her music, though; here are some of the best times Bey's shown us her Spanish chops.

Irreemplazable (Irreplaceable)
After the release of her 2006 album B'Day, Bey released an EP of Spanish covers of the some of the album's biggest hits. One of her most recognizable songs from the early part of her solo career, the Spanish version of "Irreplaceable" is sung entirely in Spanish. Her accent is practically nonexistent, and she gives a great vocal flair to one of her most timeless songs.

Oye (Listen)
One of Beyonce's greatest acting credits was in the 2006 film adaptation of the beloved musical Dreamgirls, where her character Deena Jones sings the climactic "Listen" as an expression of independence from her controlling husband. "Oye" packs the same emotional punch that "Listen" does, rivaling some of the most powerful ballads in her repertoire.

Bello Embustero (Beautiful Liar)
Three Spanish remixes are better than one, right? On her Irreemplazable EP Beyonce sings three different Spanish versions of "Beautiful Liar," each with a different twist than the other. In addition to the regular "Bello Embustero" Spanish version, Bey duets with Colombian bombshell Shakira in an English version of the song, as well as a "Spanglish Version."

Amor Gitano (Gypsy Love)
"Amor Gitano" sees Beyonce team up with veteran Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández for an upbeat Latin pop number, complete with castanets to give it a flamenco touch. In contrast with "Oye" and "Irreempezable," "Amor Gitano" is much more dance-worthy -- it's almost as if Sasha Fierce is the one singing, not Beyonce. The song also served as the theme for the 2007 Telemundo telenovela El Zorro, la espada y la rosa. 

Si Yo Fuera Un Chico (If I Were a Boy)
Speaking of the Sasha Fierce era, one of Bey's most noteworthy Spanish versions of her music is of "If I Were a Boy." The lyrics are practically identical to the English version, albeit with a little more vocal energy.

The "Mi Gente" remix is just the latest entry into Bey's library of Spanish songs. What sets it apart from everything else, apart from it being a guest appearance on someone else's remix: she announced on her Instagram that she's donating all of the proceeds from the song to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.