Here we go again!

Shad Moss, known affectionately as Bow Wow, is clapping back at Internet folk amidst the latest allegations of the rapper and actor fake flexin' once more.

This time, many are calling out the "Shortie Like Mine" MC for "poppin' bottles" they don't believe he really brought, after he uploaded a video to Instagram of him picking up a nearly-empty bottle of Ciroc while parting at LIV Nightclub.

Comments on the video ranged from "[Bow Wow] always trying to prove something..." to endless barrages of the clown emoji. Ouch.


Bow Wow wrote later in the comments, "U dumb maf*kers LISTEN!! Im tipsy! If the maf**kan bottle empty u stupid sh*ts! Means we drinking. F**k wrong u w maf*kas! Alota of maf*kas on social media are f**king idiots! Exactly why i barely respond to folks. The more stupid maf*kas i talk to it dumbs me down. STOP TALLLLLKKKING TOOOO MEEEEEEE."

Instagram/ @shadmoss

This wouldn't be the first time Moss was allegedly stuntin' for clicks. This year, he has been accused of paying people to chase him down the street, as well as claiming he was on a private jet, diminishing our trust in the validity of the Like Mike star's life.