By the number of times that Bow Wow has been the butt of Twitter jokes, you would think the former rapper would watch what he posts on social media. But unfortunately, it seems as though he will never learn his lesson. Bow found himself at the center of discussion once again after he posted an image of Death Row Record’s infamous roster with an image of his younger self Photoshopped in the mix.

“Where it all started,” Bow Wow wrote in the caption of his photo on Twitter. The image showed all the West Coast greats, including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Tupac. The original image was from VIBE's classic Feb. 1996 cover. And smack dab in between Snoop and Dre, there was Bow Wow’s image from when he still had “Lil” in the front end of his stage name.

To say the least, Twitter was quick to shut him down. “Bow Wow is that delusional cousin that swore he would’ve went pro if he didn’t roll his ankle in that JV basketball game,” one user said.

While the pic may seem extra corny, there is some truth to Bow Wow’s claims. As memory serves, Snoop Dogg actually had Lil Bow Wow work with Death Row back in the 90s, although he was not technically signed to the label. After working on some of the skits for his Doggystle album, however, Snoop sent Bow back to Ohio to distance himself from the controversial brand.

Bow Wow quickly responded to some of the trolls on Twitter, explaining his reasoning for posting the image. “I was on Death Row at 6. This was the label roster. A fan sent me the pic. It brought back memories," he tweeted. Other fans joined in to back Bow Wow as well.  He also confirmed that it was not the original VIBE cover. "Fan sent me the pic its not the original from VIBE im like damn it just took me back i was apart of some legendary shit. Blessed," he said.

You can read the original 1996 cover story here as well as some of the twitter reactions below.