NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick is expected to be invited to an upcoming meeting of NFL players and owners, ESPN reports. According to sources, the meeting will be about support from the league and owners regarding players' ongoing "community activism endeavors."

While there's no confirmation that the former quarterback will attend the meeting next Tuesday (Oct. 31) in NYC, NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart says that he "expects" Kaepernick will be invited.

"The invitation will be extended by the players, not the league, Lockhart said on the league's weekly conference call," writes ESPN.

Kaepernick was invited to an Oct. 17 meeting of 13 current or former NFL players, 11 owners and league and Players Association reps. However, he was not present.

On Oct. 15, Kaep filed a grievance against the NFL, accusing the owners of collusion. The former 49ers player claims that owners are working together to "specifically deprive" him of playing for a team since becoming a free agent.