The reigning 'Drink Champs' have done more for the hip-hop culture in Miami than most podcasts have done in their entire existence --- in just a short time. Host N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN made living legends in hip-hop feel comfortable enough to open up on a fresh platform where they can deliver in depth stories most rap fans have never heard before. Myths like the real reason why State Property fell apart and Snoop Dogg's rare story about how Nas almost got shot are just a few of the gems. In return, the fans formed the #DrinkChampsArmy and vowed never to let the show's legacy fade away like an outplayed trend.

From the moment they launched the popular hip-hop podcast last year, the duo hit the ground running after their first guest Fat Joe revealed the title of his joint album with Remy Ma. Less than a year after its debut, the show evolved from a weekly podcast hosted by CBS Radio into a successful TV show with high profile season premieres on REVOLT. Their guest list also upgraded from gold to platinum status with top tier acts like LL Cool J, Wyclef, EPMD, Tech N9ne, and more.

With the competition mounting against them, 'Drink Champs' separated themselves from the rest with rare appearances from OGs like A Tribe Called Quest, Uncle Luke, and KRS-One. Music executives like Dame Dash, Lyor Cohen, and boxer like Danny Garcia made the show more versatile and challenged the expectations of the average hip-hop podcast.

Recently, 'Drink Champs' headquarters, including the 8&9 Showroom, made another major move from their former North Miami location to a brand new creative space in the heart of Wynwood. They've only been their new home for about a month, but they've already made a tribute episode for the afflicted victims of Hurricane Maria, hosted several notable names in the space and more.

"What's dope for me is that I've been coming to Wynwood before it was Wynwood, when it was just hood," DJ EFN said.

"When it was WynwHood?" replied N.O.R.E.

"Yeah, when Zulu Nation used to throw the jams with nobody but the crackheads and some hip-hop heads. It's dope what Wynwood has become but its kind of taken out the locals. So I'm really happy that we're here as locals representing right on 2nd Ave."

"We just wanted to pay our respects," N.O.R.E explained. "The thing about that is, not only did we get a lot of great feedback from that but you know what we thought of. Why don't we do that for people that's alive too? Once a month we're going to start bigging up artists that aren't even on the show. Let's suppose we big up Busta Rhymes and have his whole team call in. He don't even have to do the show."

While they think about what's next, let's focus on what the Drink Champs have achieved so far. After their 100th episode with Jermaine Dupri, we sat down with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN to talk about the top 10 moments that have built the foundation of their podcast thus far from Bun B's emotional memories about Pimp C to the long, lost unedited Diddy episode.

Watch DJ EFN and N.O.R.E rehash the top ten moments of Drink Champs history below.

Shot by Adrian Ferg