It looks like Eminem's forthcoming album could be on the way, and evidence can be found in a series of connecting clues- a fake prescription drug website, an 800-number and a commercial connected to the drug.

The rollout of ads is for the fictional drug REVIVAL, which features a stylized backwards "E." The drug is used to treat the disorder "Atrox Rithimus," and once the patient gets relief, it is described as "music to [their] ears."

A commercial for the drug can be found on the website. It features a rugged man explaining the benefits of using REVIVAL in his every day life.

"I learned REVIVAL can help get- and keep- that sh*t in check," he smiles to the camera while walking through the woods.

When VIBE called the 800-number associated with the drug, a pre-recording of a woman details important information about REVIVAL, including its side effects and who should exercise caution when taking the drug.

"You only get one shot to beat AR, don't miss your chance," the woman says on the phone, subtly referencing his monster hit "Lose Yourself." An instrumental of "I Need A Doctor" plays in the background for both the phone recording and commercial, and the voice gives you "serious f**king credit" for continuing to listen to the ad.

Reddit super sleuths found a print advertisement for the drug which was purchased by Interscope Records. The ad supposedly expires November 21, which could serve as an indication that his forthcoming album could be released some time next month.

Em's last project was 2013's The Marshall Mathers LP, and he recently got folks talking with a scathing freestyle aimed directly at Donald Trump. His manager Paul Rosenberg posted a photo on Instagram yesterday (Oct. 25) with a billboard for the drug in the background.


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