Candy and costume lovers were treated to good times and vibes for VEVO's inaugural US Halloween concert over the weekend, featuring SZA, Aminé, Khalid, Jessie Reyez and Julia Michaels.

Saturday's (Oct. 28) show was an extension of VEVO's successful UK Halloween concerts. Held at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, Calif (Manchester hosted the flagship's at the Victoria Warehouse), the US opener brought together rising artists from their LIFT initiative.

With the weekend acting as an early Halloween bash for fans, VIBE chatted with the performers about their favorite horror films, costumes and more.


Favorite Halloween Villain


Amine: Green Goblin. He had the tight spaceship thingy and I wanted it in real life. I wish I could buy that, but it seemed to high tech to be real.

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Julia Michaels: Michael Myers. I like how stealthy he is. You always think he's dead and then all of sudden he's back again for the eighth time.

Favorite Halloween Memory

Khalid: I got tons. I was in the sixth grade and living in Germany when I was hanging out late with some friends. I turned around and there's a dude dressed up as Michael Myers following us all the way home.

It was the scariest thing ever and it always reminds me of Halloween. In my mind, I was so young so I really thought it was Mike Myers following me home. It's something I'll never get out of my brain.

Favorite Halloween Movies

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SZA: Rosemary's Baby. It's so scary.

Khalid: It (2017)The Amityville Horror (1977) and Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

Julia Michaels: Halloween, Psycho and Birds. Another great Alfred Hitchcock film.

Favorite Halloween Costume

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Aminé: Static Shock. I think I have the same hair as him.  If a movie comes about, I have to be Static Shock.

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