LaVar Ball, the enthusiastic yet at-times abrasive father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, is reportedly pulling his youngest son out of high school in order to homeschool and train him, as he continues to excel in the sport in his own right.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 16-year-old LaMelo Ball will no longer be attending Chino Hills High School in California. Instead, the Big Baller Brand head honcho will be working with his son on his own, in order to make him "the best basketball player ever."

USA Today also reports that Mr. Ball had a few concerns about his son's new coach, Dennis Latimore.

"It’s a new coach and I don’t like him one bit," he told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne. "He’s on track for UCLA, but he doesn’t have to be dealing with those knuckleheads. I’m not letting them mess with his head anymore...That coach has his own frame of mind on how he wants to play and who he picks in the team. OK, y’all got all that going on, let’s see how you do without my tutelage. Without me training those players at my house. It seems like anyone who’s training over there that coach don’t want him in the team.”

The junior scored 92 points in a game with his high school team last year, and currently, Chino Hills' basketball team is the number four high school team in the nation. LaMelo's last day of school will reportedly be Tuesday (Oct. 3).

Twitter had a lot to say about Mr. Ball's decision for his son's future. Check out some remarks below.