Over the summer, Lil Boosie’s brother, Taquari Hatch, was arrested on accusations that he stole $361,000 from the rapper’s bank account, but it looks like he’s clear of wrongdoing. The district attorney in the case is refusing to press charges against Hatch, although it’s unclear what evidence led to the decision, TMZ reported Monday (Oct .15).

Hatch was accused of posing as Boosie to approve thousands in wire transfers. He has asserted his innocence from the start, and vowed to clear his name.

“There’s no piece of mind like knowing that you’re innocent,” he said in a video response to the allegations. “Knowing that you’re innocent is peace of mind that’s priceless, and that’s what I got in this situation.”

At the time, Boosie responded on Instagram writing, “trust nobody.”

“Money is the ruler of all evil. This some real f**ked up sh*t but you learn from your mistakes. Hopefully since the arrest has been made I can finally get my money and move forward,” the 34-year-old Louisiana native wrote before seemingly disowning his brother. “He [and his] family [are] no longer part of our family ‘at all.”