With the Trump White House communications director role rotating more frequently than hands on a malfunctioning clock, there's no telling who will show up behind the podium next.

The Tonight Show decided to take a look at who could be next in line for the position in the Trump circus. Who better than to do some damage control than another outspoken entertainment figure? Cue Tyler Perry as Madea.

Madea talks about several controversies plaguing the administration, such as poor disaster relief management and Trump's possible 2020 run.

"I didn't vote for Trump," she explains to a reporter after being asked about her new role. "I voted for Hillary three times...why does anybody work for somebody they can't stand and they don't like? I need a check!"

When Fallon as Trump comes out and attempts to steer the conversation, Madea tells him that she's got it under control, and that she'll "slap [his] a** back to reality television" if she doesn't keep his mouth shut.

Check out the clip below.