According to the World Health Organization, over 300 million people across the globe are battling depression. Per Mental Health America, 16 percent (6.8 million people) of the black population in the U.S. were diagnosed with a mental illness in the past three years. With various public figures within the community sharing their stories of combating depression, it has allowed other people to do the same and get the help necessary to guide them to a promising future.

For Michelle Williams, that was the case. The Destiny's Child singer remained candid with CBS' The Talk hosts when she discussed her own bout with depression. The "Say Yes" singer revealed that she didn't realize she was suffering from depression until she was 30. During her time in the highly decorated group, she "just thought it was growing pains. I just thought I'm turning into a woman. So I've been suffering since between the age of 13 and 15."

The 37-year-old Illinois native said the lack of an outlet to release her inner thoughts forced her to internalize everything. "Then you go to church and then you just sweep it under the rug and pray about it," she added.

Williams also shared that she encountered dark moments which ushered in suicidal thoughts. "I disclosed my depression in the year 2013 — not on purpose, I just disclosed it — and to the point of I was suicidal," she said. "I was to that place where it got so dark and heavy because sometimes you feel like, 'I'm the provider, I take care of people, I'm not supposed to be feeling this way. What do I do? I want out.'"

Watch her full interview below.