Back in April, Mistah F.A.B. hit the booth to bring his emotionally fueled message to POTUS, entitled "Dear Mr. President," to the masses. Since it's clear Agent Orange has yet to give the audio letter the time of day, F.A.B. hit the streets of his hometown of Oakland, Calif., to paint a more vivid picture of what he's fighting for in his new video.

Rocking the infamous "Everybody vs. Trump" T-shirt that Marshawn Lynch made popular, the Oakland native brings his family and friends along with him as he demands justice for his block. He gives a face to the issues that 45 ignores — like the plight of Mexican immigrants fighting to remain in the U.S., the continued police brutality around the country and the opioid epidemic that plagues the streets of America.

In between his impromptu march for change, scenes dedicated to those who helped make changes in our country, from President Obama to Malcolm X, flash as the visual switches from black-and-white to color. At the end of the video, F.A.B. shows how interactions with law enforcement don't always have to end in turmoil. The final scene expounds on the Dope Era rapper's philosophy:

"Creativity is freedom. Take all the bricks life thrown at you and build with them. Turn your wounds into wisdom, and scars to stars. The power is in the people and the politics we address."