In the midst of kneeling demonstrations and ESPN reporters getting ousted for doing their job, the NFL is rethinking its policy on the national anthem.

The Dow Jones reports Tuesday (Oct. 10) that a meeting next week will feature the mandatory notion for players to stand during the anthem. At this time, players aren't required but have been encouraged to stand.

A copy of a letter from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent to team owners can also be read below.

The note from the NFL comes after President Donald Trump tweeted that the league's tax laws should be chopped because of players "disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country." Since former 49ers Colin Kaepernick's protest of the anthem for equal rights for people of color, many have seen the demonstration as a form of condemnation against the military and American values (which are clearly up for debate in 2017).

After Trump recently slammed the NFL and its players, coaches and owners took a knee with players on the field to show their unity. Last week, vice president Mike Pence essentially staged his own walkout of the Indianapolis Colts game when players took a knee during the anthem.