Miss the original throwback Polaroid camera of yesteryear? After closing its doors back in 2003, the instant camera and filmmaking company is making a retro reemergence under a new name, Polaroid Originals.

Now, 40 years after the rainbow-striped OneStep instant camera made its mark as a favorite memory-capturing device and 80 years after its very first camera, Polaroid has announced that it's bringing that old thing back with the release of its newest instant photography device, the OneStep 2.

Courtesy of Polaroid Originals

Delivering the classic easy point-and-shoot capability, the analog film camera holds true to its iconic look through its contemporary and modern design. With a USB-charged battery life of 60 days, the OneStep 2 features a fixed-focus lens (perfect for sharp shots as close as 2 feet), a powerful built-in flash, and a self-timer.

To add more variety to the camera's actual film, OneStep 2 uses 600 and i-Type films, which are offered in color or black & white. The 600 films (which is also compatible with select vintage cameras) comes in a range of special edition frames like duochrome, gold, silver and, of course, the classic white.

At the retail price of $99, the Polaroid OneStep 2 analog instant camera is now available for pre-order in white and graphite. Visit polaroidoriginals.com for more information.

Courtesy of Polaroid Originals
MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of Polaroid Originals