Solange spent Tuesday (oct 3) evening wooing fans at Radio City Music Hall for her second consecutive sold-out concert at the prestigious New York City venue. The concerts came at particularly meaningful time for the eclectic creative --- the 1-year anniversary of A Seat At The Table.

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Midway during her set, Solo dove all the way into her feels, and continued her thankful speech from night 1. As she held back tears, the Saint Heron founder gave fans a host dose of Emo-Solange.

"[A Seat At The Table] started out as a project that, really, I had to do for my sanity, my peace of mind and my healing. When I turned in the album, I still had so much rage, anguish, pain, trauma that I had to work through --- and generational trauma that I had to work through. And I never take for granted being able to have two nights sold out at Radio City.

Most importantly, to have done it my way and to have taken my time, and you guys have allowed me the space to evolve, grow, experiment and explore different mediums --- and to build pyramids, spheres, etc. I just feel really grateful that the people who resonate with my work are grown as f*ck and are artists and creatives in their own ways, and to help that community, [it] means so much to me.

I just look forward to continuing to evolve, experiment and what I love is that are so many different sides to me --- there's a side of me that wants to twerk and a side that loves the orchestra, and I just feel so much gratitude that I am able to exist in all these different facets of myself, so thank you. I've been feeling so emo over the last few days."