Madea is up to no good again in the latest Tyler Perry-directed film, Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. Beneath the chaotic drama and clever one-liners Uncle Joe (Perry) and Madea engage in, there's a deeper lesson to be learned here. Disclaimer: listen to your elders, kids.

For Perry, playing Madea is heavily influenced by the women who raised him. “There’s a lot of me inside of her,” he tells VIBE. “But I get most of me from my mother and my aunts. Those women, they were out of control so a lot more of them are in her than I am. “

The plot follows an overprotective Madea's attempt at hindering Tiffany (Diamond White), who plays Brian’s daughter (Perry), from going to a party in a haunted house. The matriarch recruits her gang, Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) and Hattie (Patrice Lovely), to crash the party.

Amid the hilarious mischief, the film provides a much needed comedic escape from the world’s troubles. Perry even shared the type of advice Madea would (or maybe wouldn’t) give President Trump.

"I think Eminem said it all," he says, referring to the rapper's anti-Trump song. "But Madea is a lot like Trump in the sense that she says what’s on her mind; she doesn’t think about it, she doesn’t care—great for a character in a movie, but not necessarily as a president."

Perry also discussed what Madea would wear for Halloween, and why Uncle Joe's controversial pimp-hoe narrative shouldn't be politicized, but enjoyed.