Princess Nokia waited 'til a drunk racist man was done spewing his antiblack tirade inside a New York City L train to douse him in hot soup, because real Gs do real things.

In the video clip below, a white man — beer in hand and apparently already intoxicated — is seen ranting about being a lawyer and knowing the First Amendment before repeatedly belting out the n-word inside a crowded subway car like it was a new Top 40 hit.

A second white man is seen urging the culprit to cease with his bigotry, while a black man warns him cold to stop. Somewhere in the mix, a woman's voice, who later emerges as Harlem rapper Princess Nokia, is heard reprimanding the inebriated clown.

As the train approaches its next stop, the unidentified black man is seen stomping the racist out of the car, while Nokia throws hot soup at his face.

If nothing at all, this here separates true New Yorkers from the transplants. Take notes: