Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

An 86-year-old woman with a walker and a.38 caliber revolver walked into a West Philadelphia TD Bank Tuesday, (Nov. 22) and demanded the $400 she believed a teller shorted her the day prior.

Police say the woman entered the bank on Market Street at about 2pm and pulled out her revolver aiming it at tellers behind the counter. The bank manager gave the woman the cash, and then called police who quickly arrested her.

Sources spoke with Fox 29 News and said the elderly woman went to the bank Monday to make a withdrawal, thinking she was short changed $400, she returned Tuesday with her gun.  The woman's family arrived and consoled her, but other customer were upset.

"I'm concerned. I mean 86 or 26, she had a gun," bank customer Will Duggan said. "Someone could have got shot even accidentally. You have to have concerns. People bring their kids here," Duggan continued.

After examining the revolver, FBI agents learned the gun wasn't loaded but bullets were in the woman's purse. Agents confiscated the bag and questioned bank employees. By 6pm, the woman was cuffed and taken away.

Authorities have not determined, what, if any charges will be filled.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Fox 29 Screengrab