Well, this was bound to happen.

Shortly after Mase came after Cam'ron on "The Oracle" on Friday (Nov. 24), the Harlem rapper has teased a response of his own. On Friday (Nov. 25), the rapper played a snippet of the track on Instagram, with plenty of digs about Mase's private life.

The track bites back claims made on "The Oracle," like a sexual relationship between Cam and a sibling. "I'm petty ready for war/I don't gotta sister that I f**k/the only sister I f**ked was yours," spits on the Heatmakerz produced track. He also admitted to his petty behavior and Mase's friendships with Sean Combs and 50 Cent.

"Time to get the facts across/Ooh someone pissed the pastor off," he raps. "Puff f**ked you I seen it over binoculars/passed you to 50 and he finger-p***ed you.

He also posted a clip that highlighted Mase's career as a pastor. "Smh sh*t brazy," he captioned the video. "Ni**a ran a Ponzi, and did this ni**a do the Ric Flair "wooo" at da end?"

Meanwhile, Mase sent thanks to fans for streaming "The Oracle" over a million times.