R&B group DAY26 is back with their latest single titled “4 Shots.” Through soft acoustic strings over a fresh beat, the guys croon about their salacious desires with a daring young lady. In the mix of it all, alcohol serves as the perfect aphrodisiac to initiate a good time.

The new track is from their forthcoming project, The Return: Reloaded. This year marks the band’s 10th anniversary since they formed on Diddy’s Making The Band 4 on MTV.

“With this project, we wanna give our fans that core classic DAY26 sound with a mixture of the new generation sound,” the ensemble said in a statement about their upcoming album.

“The track selection I feel like is really, really good. There’s a lot of up and coming producers on there,” bandmate Willie told Billboard earlier this year. “We’re writing a lot of new music, and like I said, man, we’re doing our own thing. If you had The Return, then you know what that portion of our lives sounded like. It’s just a growth.”

Take a listen to “4 Shots” below.