Some (not all) men think it's perfectly acceptable to touch a woman they've never met without receiving consent first. For the record A) you should not touch anyone without getting that person's permission B) the men who think they are entitled to touch women without consent suck!

While America's deeply rooted sexual harassment, misconduct and assault history is beginning to bubble over, there are some men who are willing to side with women and even step in when they see unsavory behavior take place. One of those guys is Drake.

During an after show in Australia, Mr. Graham performed before a crowd when he told the DJ to stop the music. The More Life artist spoke directly to a man in the crowd who was allegedly touching a woman without her permission.

"If you don't stop touching girls, I'm going to f**k you up," Drake said.

Drake stepping in brought attention to the man who was later removed from the club by security. What do you think? Should more men intervene when they witness women being harassed? Sound off in the comments.