Lil' Kim plans to contribute to the market with an upcoming album, aiming to give fans a taste of what's in store with "Took Us A Break." But you can't discuss the Queen Bee in this new generation of rappers without traveling back in time to revisit her historic trajectory in the music industry.

While chatting with the crew on HOT 97's "Ebro in the Morning," the "The Jump Off" rapper discussed her debut critically-acclaimed album, Hard Core, and how the cover art took on a life of its own.

"That poster was so influential in prisons, in homes, in hoods. I went into the pose naturally... Biggie actually picked that photo...," she said. "Atlantic wasn't too sure if that was the right way to go with me first coming out, 'This new girl, she's this young girl, I don't know if this is it.'" Hard Core made its way to double platinum status with singles like "Crush On You," "Not Tonight," and "No Time."

The Brooklynite also shared her thoughts on Jermaine Dupri's headlining story that Biggie pulled a gun out on her in a studio. The memory was recently revealed on the "Drink Champs" podcast. "The story is not exactly how he said it, but it's very close to the truth," she said. "We did have a very violent relationship. I hate that, but for a while, that was all I attracted. It is what it is. He was everything. You know how it is when you're in the industry, the guys get you whatever you want, but you can't do sh*t. You can't do nothing." The internationally-known artist then broke down the story even further.

"First of all, when I was going to do the song with Jermaine, they contacted Un. Biggie wasn't even involved in that, he put himself there. He came because he just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to have any eyes for Usher or Jermaine so he put himself there. Everybody knows I get busy with the pen, but I love when Big used to come and persuade some of my raps because he's the freaking greatest, why wouldn't I? But everybody knows all of my hit records; "All About The Benjamins," "Get Money," "Crush On You," is all me. Puffy can tell, all of these people can tell you. But the influence that he had on my raps in my music, and he used to say it made me lazy sometimes when he's around because I know if I'm sitting there and I'm stuck on the fourth bar, I know he's got to jump in and be like, 'Say this.' He always wanted me to stay on my own so Hard Core was mainly me and a couple of influences and songs that he influenced. But when we were together it always turned into a lovers' quarrel or a lovers' nest."

On the music side, Kim landed a feature with Remy Ma for the latter's forthcoming track, "Wake Me Up." The morning show hosts asked Kim to speak on the rumors that she and Remy were planning to diss Nicki Minaj on the melody to which she said: "I hate that because number one, my mind is always on that bag. The messed up thing is because we're real artists, and Remy and me do what we do, no matter what I say, they're going to be like she's talking about such and such," Kim stated. "I feel like people know me and Remy well enough that if we're going to talk about somebody we're going to say their name, we're going to address them, we're going to make it that or whatever. We're just making music, we're doing what we do. My mind is always on that bag, my mind ain't on ol girl or anything else. I don't care about that."

That topic then opened the door for Kim to address her past with Minaj and she said if a conversation ever happened, it would have to be a lucrative discussion.

"Some things just can't be mended unless there's a different type of conversation. Some people take it too far. Some people take it to a point where they try to take everything from you or they try to deliberately see you in the ground," she said. "With that situation, you get so many windows in life and you get so many times in the music industry to make something right and when you shun it, at one point, people are going to be like you're phony. A snake is a snake. I'm not going to pick it up because it was being nice to me, wrapping around my leg. It's still a snake at the end of the day. With that situation, it would probably have to be a business move or conversation because at the end of the day you've proved... it's a lot of damage. Me and Remy, it was never that much damage between us because there was always a respect there, but when there is a lot of damage done, it's like at the end of the day it could happen, but if it happens now it's about a check, it's about that bag because you're not really real."

Watch the full interview below.