Lil Xan has a special bond with his fans aka Xanarchy Gang. “I love you to death” declared the 21-year-old star speaking directly to the 100 plus members of the youthful audience on Wednesday night (Nov. 29) in New York City. The California native took over famed NYC venue SOB’s, where stars from Kendrick Lamar to J. Cole have rocked early in their careers.

Teens filled the historic Manhattan venue modeling Xanarchy merchandise, as well as sporting eccentric fashion trends. Some even brought their parents along for the eclectic show, who stood in the back in awe of the scene they just witnessed.

HD Been Dope opened up the show around 9 P.M. but unfortunately was forced to pause his performance multiple times to break up a fight and to get security to take care of an unconscious fan, who ended up being carried out of the venue. The Brooklyn native showed great resilience powering through the transgressions, while getting the crowd amped up for Xan’s forthcoming performance. The "Betrayed" artist made his way to the stage at 10 minutes to 10 P.M. escorted by security donning a pink hoodie commemorating the life of Lil Peep, as well as his signature grey beanie --- sending the juvenile fans into a frenzy for their hero.

Between tracks, Xan took a second to sign autographs on various iPhones before a serious tone took over in his voice. “R.I.P. Lil Peep,” he repeated. “That shit is an epidemic and it’s ruining people’s lives. Xanarchy is an anti-Xanax movement. Fuck Xans 2017.” With a phalanx of photographers behind him, it was tough for the shorter musician to exude much of a stage presence. He did manage to bring "Betrayal" video director Cole Bennett on to the raised platform, which brought out an ovation from the crowd. The emerging artist performed unreleased music featuring Ronnie J, which will be appearing on his heavily anticipated Total Xanarchy project in 2018.

The young rapper seemed to be in good spirits after recovering from strep throat, spreading positivity and uplifting messages throughout his 30 minute set that included: the eccentric "Far." Lil Xan even organized a mosh-pit in front of the stage, while spraying bottles of water drenching the unbothered standing-room crowd.

A couple special guests were in the building for the performance. Hailed New York Times  music critic Jon Caramanica was an unexpected face that stood out amongst the teens. Tek from Smif & Wesson was also there and former NBA baller Roger Mason. Speaking in short exclusively to VIBE, Money Mase revealed he signed the upcoming artist to his new app VAUNT, which presents unique content from various sponsored athletes and music artists. The former New York Knick said, "We got Antonio Brown, Future, James Harden and now Lil Xan. We're shooting exclusive content for his fans to get. For just $2.99 they get to follow his life. He's a talented kid, his fan base is crazy."

The former photographer concluded his performance with his largest hit to date, “Betrayal," which is picking up serious steam on the Billboard Hot 100, with a new peak of 69. Xan, an A$AP Rocky inspired artist delivered his bellowing smash three consecutive times to finish off the half-hour set, one rendition being A cappella. Before exiting the stage, Lil Xan launched bags of skittles into the crowd nailing fans comparable to a hailstorm, making Marshawn Lynch proud. The new wave is here, it’s time to embrace it.

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