When you're Oprah Winfrey you tend to do things bigger and better than most people, and Thanksgiving is just another way to showcase how much bigger and better you can do things.

Ms. Winfrey took to Instagram Thursday (Nov. 23) to show off what's going on in her kitchen. While most of us have one bird in the oven (just one) Winfrey has four turkey's she making--one of which is going to her neighbor.

After seasoning up her turkeys, Oprah stepped outside with Chef Kenny and revealed two of her birds will be smoked, making us even more jealous.


As if our mouths aren't salivating even more, Ms. Winfrey showed off a little of the other items she's placed on her Thanksgiving menu including the dressing, yams, and vegetables.

So, Ms. Winfrey, umm....can we have a plate?