Remy Ma's much talked about collaboration with Lil' Kim has hit the Internet airwaves. Despite what people may have thought, she doesn't name Nicki Minaj per say, but delivers aggressive bars that do not require a genius to figure out who she's talking about.

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The Bronx bomber warns the rap game that she's out to take the crown on "Wake Me Up"--- regardless of who has it now --- and tops it off with a few stingers that may just send a rapper back to the studio to record a rebuttal.

"I heard he lay that dick, you let him filet that fish/You just met 'im, how he bae that quick?/I'll say it to your face, don't gotta relay that shit/If Nick-ole a Kid-man, OJ that bitch!/Take that trip, get money, make that lick/Take your pick; that's your set, claim that clique!/Bitch, you so thirsty, obey that shit/If that's your dog, I suggest you go train that bitch!," raps Remy on her new single.

Remy's forthcoming studio album 7 Winters, 6 Summers is set to be released by Columbia Records in 2018.

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